Residential Products & Services

Water Doctor offers products and services ideal for residential customers, including water softeners and drinking water systems. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service while also supplying state-of-the-art products to improve the water quality for both you and your family. Continue reading below to learn more about our products and services and call or contact us with questions or concerns.

Water Softeners

The performance of a water softener is dependent on two key components; a resin bed that cleans the water and precision equipment that cleans the resin. The two most significant elements that differentiate one softener from another is the volume of resin and the type of control valve.

The resin tank: contains media called resin. The resin attracts and collects minerals from hard water. Once the resin is saturated with hardness minerals it must be cleaned and regenerated. Once regenerated, the resin is ready to remove more minerals from the water.

The control valve: routes the water flow through the system and controls the operating cycle. Hard water passes through the resin bed to become soft. During regeneration, water flow is reversed to clean the resin bed. Brine is pulled in and then rinsed out to regenerate the resin, preparing it to soften more water. The brine tank is then refilled with fresh water for future cycles.

The brine tank: stores salt and water to make brine which is used for regenerating the resin. The resin can be regenerated with sodium from salt or potassium from potassium chloride.



Drinking Water Systems

Natural essence of water refreshes and satisfies; but today’s water is often flawed by minerals, organic matter or chlorine taste and odor. Your body is 75% water the water we drink and cook with should be of the highest quality. Don’t you want the best for your family?

The Water Doctor offers a wide variety of drinking water system solutions. Ranging from Reverse Osmosis water filtration to bottle-less water coolers perfect for your home or small business, the Water Doctor can fix your drinking water problems.



Well Water Systems

There are over 30,000 pesticides that are made from 600 chemical compounds – all potentially ending up in our water supply. Every year millions of gallons of hazardous chemical wastes are dumped into our environment. Our landfills, ponds, pits and lagoons in the U.S. contain some of the most dangerous substances known with the potential of ending up in our water supply.

It is easily noted that a water treatment system is in place for families and businesses running off of well water. The Water Doctor carries and installs the systems needed to make well water safe to use.



**Please also see Iron Removal below for more options

Water Filtration

Looking for a system that simply filters your water? The Water Doctor offers a wide variety of water filtration to suit your needs. From whole house filtration, to filtration at individual faucets, the Water Doctor has the solution you are looking for.

Amongst many other advantages, the Water Doctor‘s water filtration systems remove unwanted tastes, odors, and dissolved organic chemicals from water supplies. Filtration systems are also an efficient and economical way to reduce the amount of dissolved iron and manganese compounds found in raw water supplies.



Iron Removal Systems

Does your water smell; do you have rusty or brown stains on your laundry, sinks, washing machine, and plumbing fixtures? These stains cannot be removed by soaps or detergents. Bleach and alkaline builders (often sodium phosphate) can make the stains worse. Over time, iron deposits can build up in water heaters, pressure tanks, and plumbing, reducing your water pressure.

The Water Doctor has water treatment systems which guards against a multitude of water problems;
Imagine . . . no more iron taste or iron stains. No more sulfur smell; longer life for your appliances, water heater and softener. Fresh, clean, great tasting water can be yours again with an Iron Removal System from The Water Doctor.



Salt Delivery

Our salt delivery service is more than just delivering you salt and leaving it at your front door. When we deliver salt, we take the salt inside to your machine, refill your machine, check settings and test your water for softness. We will also, ALWAYS take our trash with us.


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