Commercial Products & Services

The Water Doctor provides all of the necessary equipment and expertise needed for any commercial or industrial application. The size and scope of the water systems are tailored to each client’s needs. All technicians are WQA certified which means that they have up to date knowledge and the ability to service all of your water needs. We also offer free estimates.

At The Water Doctor, if the water in your business is hard, we can fix it. If your water is brown, rather than crystal clear, we can fix it. Basically, if there is something wrong with the water at your business, we can fix it. Call or contact us today to see how we can address your commercial water needs.


Regularly monitoring your water filters is key in providing long-term, crystal clear water! The Water Doctor offers water filter services for commercial businesses, including the replacement and maintenance of carbon filters, acid filters, iron filters, sediment, and particulate filters, and much more. We can provide the perfect filters for all of your water needs, including; de-alkalization, deionization, demineralization, iron removal, arsenic removal, and manganese removal.




Having a reliable team of experts to maintain your commercial water softener system is critical for optimum efficiency. We offer comprehensive services specifically suited to your business and equipment needs.



Reverse Osmosis Equipment

The Water Doctor provides services for installing and maintaining reverse osmosis water filtration systems. Reverse osmosis equipment provides a chemical-free solution in treating the impurities within your water. These systems are also low-maintenance, saving you time and money.



Ultraviolet (UV) Equipment

To quickly and efficiently remove impurities such as bacteria and viruses, it is time to implement a system to treat your water using UV technology. Contact Water Doctor today to get started.

The Hard Facts

Water, as simple as it may seem, can prove to be a very complex and costly problem for any business if it is not treated properly. Untreated water, such as hard water, costs businesses money each year by causing an increase in maintenance costs, replacement costs of equipment, and plumbing repairs.

By calling the Water Doctor today, your business will save money in the future. The Water Doctor will do a thorough sampling and testing of your water, and tell you exactly what you need to correct any water problems. What the Water Doctor will NOT do is sell you an Iron Removal System, when all your business really needs is a water softener or filter.

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